Akitika is a home-based in Huntsville, AL that specializes in customizable stereos and amplifiers.



We began the process of creating their logo by looking at images and brands that from other companies in their field. We decided upon a logo that had a sleek, almost futuristic feel, and to play on the fact that the company’s name is a palindrome.




Akitika Logo
Final logo


To further solidify their brand, I created a guide to be used as an easy reference for employees that shows the brand colors and fonts.

Akitika Branding Guide

Using my experience as a product designer for a telecommunications company, I worked with the owner, Dan, on product design and user experience.

PR-101 Stereo Preamplifier


Print Ad

Akitika advertises in many print and online industry publications, for which I take original photos of his products to include in the ads.

Web Banner Ad






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