Black Lodge Charcuterie Company

Black Lodge Charcuterie Co. is a small locally owned and operated charcuterie company in Huntsville, AL, specializing in smoked meats and cheeses, that is set to open in late 2018. The owner is a HUGE Twin Peaks fan and wanted a modern logo that hinted towards its namesake, The Black Lodge. We decided on a simple round logo that could easily be applied to marketing items like stickers, shirts, and hats.




King’s Table

King’s Table is a small family owned spice and rub company in Georgia. They wanted a vintage style logo that could easily applied to marketing materials. The color palette of burnt orange and gold was chosen because it is reminiscent to the colors in their BBQ spice rub. They were provided with a full color, black and white, and distressed versions of the logo.




Camp Woodway

Woodway Elementary School PTA, located in Woodway, TX, chose the theme of “Camp Woodway” for their 2014-2015 school year. These badges were designed for their various events throughout the year. We went with a more “classical camp” style for the badges as it matched the decorations that were used for PTA events and in the school.





Grey Medical Group

Grey Medical Group is a military medical supplier. They request a logo with a “metallic military patch” feel.  The red color was chosen because it went with their existing website and brochures.








JanaCorinne is branding consultant and marketer. She requested a logo that reflected her personality and provided me with the keywords: modern, feminine, polished, striking, and stylish. We choose a simple calligraphy script and modified the “J” and paired it with a simple, modern sans serif font. We used a bright pink and a 85% gray to give the logo a stylish and polished feel.

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