Alex Hendrix Music

I was approached by the super talented singer/song-writer Alex Hendrix to design her album cover for her debut album Phases and to design graphics for her merchandise using lyrics from her songs “Werewolf’s Curse” and “Bad Habits.” I’ve know Alex for a few years, as she’s one of my favorite local musicians. Her unique sound is described as Southern Goth Folk. She writes all of her songs and they touch on everything from her struggles with mental health to new love. I encourage everyone to check her out! Her music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play or check her out on YouTube.

The first design is from her song “Bad Habits.” I took the lyrics “The caffeine pumps through me & it keeps me alive.” As a person with a coffee IV, these lyrics spoke to me on a deep level. I chose a coffee themed color palette and used a mix of feminine brush script and modern sans serif hand writing font. The sunburst was added to show that wonderful feeling when the caffeine begins to pump through you!

Alex worked with the amazing local screen printer, Green Pea Press, to have ceramic mugs printed with the design. Naturally, I bought one immediately! You can too here.

The second design I did for Alex was the album cover and related merchandise for her debut album Phases.




She wanted something a “tarot card” feel and imagery that symbolizes mental health struggles. In her song “Werewolf’s Curse”, Alex sings about her own struggles and how it changes with the cycles in the moon. I choose a cool gray, cream, and gold color palette to reflect stars in the night sky. I used the imagery of the constellation Lupus (the Wolf) and of the phases of the moon to further illustrate the meaning Alex wanted to portray.


Alex again took the design to Green Pea Press and had t-shirts printed. They’re available for purchase here. Finally, we took the design and incorporated lyrics from her song and had stickers printed. They’re available for purchase herePhasesSticker





This project was so enjoyable because of the wonderful communication and freedom I received from Alex. She was a joy to work with!

If you’re a musician and would like to have some fun, original merchandise, please contact me!


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